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What's on your ipod?

Music discussion, recommendation and request

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What's on your iPod?

what's on your iPod? a music community

iPod: The generic brand iPod refers to a class of portable digital audio players designed and marketed by Apple Computer.

Welcome to what's on your iPod a community for music discussion, recommendation and request. Please not the title what's on your ipod is just a name incorporated from a popular question, you do not need to own an iPod or mp3 player to join this community. It is open to everyone with an interest in music.

Press play

- Keep all lengthy posts behind a LJ-Cut
- Keep icons/graphics behind a LJ-Cut with a maximum of three preview images
- Respect others and their opinions
- Post lot's of interesting posts
- Recommend music we haven't heard of
- Be nice

Press stop

- Post silly things like 'Robbie Williams was in Take That' we know!
- Post non-relative material
- Overpimp your site, we can take a bit but not too much
- Bitch, this is a place to celebrate or discuss music, not slag it off
- Be rude


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